Jealous Creatures - EP

by Jealous Creatures

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released March 28, 2011



all rights reserved


Jealous Creatures Houston, Texas

The soundtrack to all those times when we know it's a bad idea, but we go for it anyway.

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Track Name: Coffee Stains
Boston is so far away
I think the entire thing is gay
Coffee stains and whipped cream mess
Do you think this is the best?

We know you want us to be real tough
Go kill for money for, like, useful stuff
Forty nights and forty days
Do you think this is okay?

Plane trips are dangerous
And diseases ill
I guess dual-psychosis
Has its thrills
Track Name: Faith in Man?
All the messianic promises that you're coming back seem to feed the fleeting faith that I sorely lack, but seeing as I've found neither cause nor call, is it better to trust blindly or simply to trust not at all?

So I'll make atonement to you for all my sins and I'll let you be the judge and try my blood and skin, because I stand condemned of trying to bring you down, with my filthy hands on your heavenly wings and my leaden feet stuck on the ground.

I've made my penance, but still no forgiveness from you, so what in the hell do you want me to do? It leads me to question how useful a savior can be when you can't even redeem yourself to me.

All you've given to believe in is the fact that you'll be leaving, but is it shameful to say I might not miss you anyway? Between the mercy you've shown others and the castigation that I've suffered, if this is what they call heaven, maybe I'm not in need of saving.
Track Name: Andate
Spitting curses at the sky
The angels all look down and sigh
Trying to bind heaven to earth
And angry at all for all it's worth

And I take...

I count devils to fall asleep
To whom should I pray my soul to keep?
The angels stay out of my sight
It's gonna be another lonely night

And I take...
Track Name: When I Put You Down
Mr Mr, where could you be, you left me here all alone.
All is uneventful, I want you so badly, I know you are not my own.
I try to get out, I try to fight it, but when I put you down, I stand you up

Won't get in a fight, won't even bother, I know I can't win this match
She's better for you, I'll go to another. I can't play you like that.
I try to get out, I try to fight it, but when I put you down, I stand you up

Take me as I am, let me abuse you, you are the device of my education
Song and rhyme, I need you all the time. I just can't work in moderation
Track Name: Eggs Alone
I've been living off sweet tea, nicotine and black coffee
Cigarettes and turpentine are a favorite high of mine
You and I and the sing-along, getting all the lyrics wrong
Sitting still watching the tide, rotting out from the inside

After all is said and done, I'm not sure I'm having fun
But the sad beauty of your face just might prove my saving grace
Drunken kisses on the floor, shiver shaken want some more
Too much champagne at one time, still I think I'm doing fine

Whoa-oh like I said,
I don't need the aggravation
Whoa-oh like I said,
So much for this vague translation...